Kyle “Baby Hulk” Tetley

Kyle Tetley

Age: 23

Fight Record: 4-3

Experience: 6 years (martial arts training)

Weights fought at: 145

Bio: Well I got started in MMA after watching the UFC for the first time.  I was already in karate at that point and I said to myself “I can do that”.  So when I reached green belt in Karate my dad got me started in MMA.  All that started back in 2009.  Been doing it ever since.

The way I personally prepare for my fights is heavy work outs for the first two months, a mixture of cardio and strengthening.  And of course my MMA training at night.  When it gets close to fight day I tone down on the work outs to avoid injury.  Also to keep my mind clear I hang out with good people.

Why you chose HHMA oppose to other gyms?

Good friendly people. No egos.